cera di cupra

Cera di Cupra Anti-wrinkle night cream regenerante


          Content 50ml

CUTANEOUS MICROBIOTA forms the skin's defense system and is an integral part of the protective barrier against external influences. Aging and other external factors can alter the skin's balance, causing the skin to lose firmness and elasticity. Cera di Cupra Anti-age Regenerating thanks to the prebiotic-based complex present in its formulation, it preserves the maintenance of good skin bacteria and restores the health of the skin microbiota, with positive effects on the beauty and youth of the skin. How does it work? By means of fiber extracts that guarantee the micro-organisms present on the skin's surface the optimal environment to maintain the right balance. When used regularly, it helps to protect and strengthen the skin's microbiota while nourishing the epidermis, keeping it taut and relaxed and supporting the skin's natural nighttime regeneration process, slowing down skin aging

Betaine: acts as a prebiotic in a pool of elements with a regenerating effect
Shea Butter: with pronounced emollient and regenerating properties
Avocado oil: rich in vitamins and minerals known for their anti-aging properties
Yeast extract: promotes tissue regeneration, activates cell respiration and helps protect the skin from environmental damage
Milk proteins: nourish the epidermis and provide essential elements for the maintenance of correct skin trophism.

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