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Pino Silvestre Classico parfum EDT 125ML - Hemelse-geuren.nl
Pino Silvestre Classico perfume EDT 125ML
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Pino Silvestre badcreme en douchegel 750ml - Hemelse-geuren.nl
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Pino silvestre badcreme soffio di talco 750ml - Hemelse-geuren.nl
Pino Silvestre bath cream soffio di talco 750ml
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Pino Silvestre parfum en deodorant classic 125ml - Hemelse-geuren.nl
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Pino Silvestre douche en shampoo ARGAN 250ml - Hemelse-geuren.nl
Pino Silvestre shower and shampoo ARGAN 250ml
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Pino Silvestre douche en shampoo classico 250ml - Hemelse-geuren.nl
Pino Silvestre shower and shampoo classico 250ml
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pino Silvestre Olio di Argan bad en douche 750ml - Hemelse-geuren.nl
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Pino Silvestre parfum en deodorant talco azzurro 125ml - Hemelse-geuren.nl
Pino Silvestre perfume and deodorant 100ml
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Pino Silvestre

Historic brand of Italian perfumery known all over the world.

Pino Silvestre was born in 1955. Since then, this fantastic brand has come a long way, a loyal friend of several generations. a compelling story that lasts more than a year! A name that has become a symbol, a lifestyle. A brand known to everyone with an image of natural elegance, of sympathy, which has always met consumer expectations. In the toiletry and perfumery scenario, there are few brands with such a fascinating experience. Pino Silvestre is inspired by the scent of nature, the wonderful feeling one has by immersing oneself in the clear air of a mountain forest. The Italians have not forgotten the fantastic commercials in which the main character was the famous white horse, a symbol of a harmonious and effervescent vitality, that freshness that only Pino Silvestre can give. The powerful, classic and elegant fragrance with its bursting vitality contains in itself the harmony and the magical atmosphere that reigns in a pine forest.



Angelo Vidal founded the Vidal Profumi, a company dedicated to the production and trade of soaps, spices and colonial goods imported from Asia.

In San Stae in the heart of Venice, he created the first perfumery workshop from which the history of the Vidal family grew.



Realizing fully the need to expand his activities outside Venice, Angelo Vidal acquired a small soap factory in Marghera, on the mainland near Venice, where he later transferred his entire production activities after WWII.


1937 - LONGEGA

Acquisition of the old manufacturer of perfumes and lotions Longega.



The company launched Colonia Pino Silvestre, a trademark registered in the 1930s with a fragrance based on the reinterpretation of an old formula. This perfume was the first to use television as an advertising platform. In the 1960s, the brand launched its famous bubble bath, Bagnoschiuma Pino Silvestre. The advertising campaign (with the white horse), one so original that the memory of it continues to this day, served to introduce generations of Italians to the use of this type of product.



Vidal acquired by Henkel.



Massimo Vidal, grandson of the ancestor, A. Vidal, established Mavive (an acronym derived from Massimo Vidal Venezia). He launched the new company with the brand, Pino Silvestre. Subsequently, the company acquired new brands