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tesori d'oriente geconcentreerde wasverzachter thalasso - Hemelse-geuren.nl
tesori d'oriente fabric softener thalasso
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CHANTE CLAIR geconcentreerde wasverzachter white musk XXLvoordeelverpakking - Hemelse-geuren.nl
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Chante Clair wasverzachter baby talkgeur - Hemelse-geuren.nl
Chante Clair fabric softener baby talcum scent
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Wasballen 2 stuks voor in de wasmachine. - Hemelse-geuren.nl
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Chante clair wasverzachter orchidee en vijgen - Hemelse-geuren.nl
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fabric softener

For perfect laundry, fabric softener is the ideal partner for detergent in your washing machine, whether in powder, liquid or capsule form.

Fabric softener, what is it for?

Fabric softener, as the word itself implies, is used to soften clothes, especially towels, but also to make them easier to iron. Also, fabric softener is good at protecting colors and is able to eliminate static electricity from clothes.
It also gives all the laundry an intense and characteristic scent.

How to use

You use fabric softener in the washing machine for the final rinse in the special compartment (characterized by a kind of small flower, in the same compartment
in which you put the detergent and any bleach).
The washing machine often takes care of this itself and the fabric softener can be poured into the compartment from the start and the washing machine itself will add the fabric softener to the last rinse.

Before putting all garments in the washing machine,
it is good to consult the care label: some garments cannot or should not be washed with fabric softener.
Never pour the product directly on clothing and use the supplied dispenser, usually the bottle cap, as the fabric softener is often very
is concentrated and also effective in small doses.


Like the smell but not the softness? Then a laundry perfume is an excellent alternative. We have different brands, different scents and different amounts of laundry perfumes! need help choosing? Feel free to contact us!