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Proraso Aftershave Lotion Groen met Eucaliptus - Hemelse-geuren.nl
Proraso Aftershave Lotion Green with Eucaliptus
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Proraso scheerzeep gevoelige huid aloe vera 150ml - Hemelse-geuren.nl
Proraso shaving soap sensitive skin aloe vera 150ml
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Proraso scheerschuim aloë vera - Hemelse-geuren.nl
Proraso shaving foam aloe vera
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PRORASO scheercreme in tube bianco gevoelige huid - Hemelse-geuren.nl
PRORASO scheercreme in tube bianco gevoelige huid
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PRORASO Scheerschuim bianca anti-irritantie 300ml - Hemelse-geuren.nl
PRORASO Scheerschuim bianca anti-irritantie 300ml
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Proraso was founded in 1908 by Ludovico Martelli and has been setting trends in the shaving world for three generations. It's 1948: a small Florentine laboratory experiments with formulas that work and studies new products. It's a time of innovation and change, a time of confidence in the future and in a small business they want to grow. This was the year of the pre-shave creamand Aftershave Balm, which surprised by its freshness and effectiveness: it was first embraced by Italian hairdressers and then by an ever-growing number of men at home. The way of shaving turned into an Italy that yearned for change.

Proraso started with the green line, then they expanded with specialized lines that meet special characteristics and needs. A new formula that stands out for the quality of the ingredients. Refreshing and invigorating, it is suitable for all beard and skin types. With pleasant notes of menthol and eucalyptus. Proraso White is specially made for sensitive and easily irritated skin with extracts of green tea and oatmeal. It helps prevent redness and makes the skin soft. With a delicate fruity scent of lime and apple. Proraso Red has an exfoliating and nourishing effect, it is for thicker, coarser beards, softens and prepares them for shaving. With shea butter. An intense fragrance perfumed by sandalwood. Proraso Blue is protective and moisturizing, especially for people who need a close and comfortable shave. With aloe vera and vitamin E. A modern and spicy fragrance with notes of amber and musk.