Nesti Dante soap cube Marsiglia with prickly pears and Aloe Vera


Nesti Dante

Marsiglia in Fiore
Fig and Aloe Vera Vegan Soap

Natural vegetable soap prepared with the traditional saponification method with perfume of fig and aloe vera.

More than half a century of experience in producing quality soaps, Nesti Dante srl has one of the few factories that continues to use the artisanal saponification method, despite its industrial size.

Completely natural,
100% biodegradable and no animal testing.
Aloe Vera in soap
According to scientific studies, Aloe Vera helps with skin irritations and skin problems such as itching, usually caused by dry skin. As an ingredient in soap, Aloe Vera helps to make the skin elastic and supple again.

Fig in soap
Soothes sensitive and dry skin. Fig extract, with its valuable vitamins, moisturizes and counteracts irritated skin.

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