Paglieri 1876

New at : The niche perfume of Paglieri 1876. Take a trip through Italy with these heavenly scents. Are you going to Rome, Milan, Venice or one of the other famous cities? Be sure to read the story behind the perfume!

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Our laundry products

Lovely smelling laundry
fabric softener

fabric softener

Wonderfully soft laundry with our heavenly fabric softeners. Ayurveda to Black Orchid. Brands such as Chante clair, Chicco, Felce Azzurra, Spuma di sciampagna and tesori d'oriente ensure that you can enjoy the clean, soft laundry.
Heavenly fresh and clean


"A child can do the laundry" Unfortunately, it is not always that easy and obvious. Wool needs a different treatment, for example. Just like children's laundry! We have the perfect detergent for all types of laundry, exclusive Italian of course.
laundry perfume
Disinfecting and perfumed

laundry perfume

Scented laundry makes life more pleasant, especially if you like your clothes to be always clean and impeccable. In addition to smelling nice when wearing clothes, it is also wonderful when opening drawers and cupboards.

Brands in the spotlight

Our most ordered brands
Tesori d'oriente
Heavenly scents in luxury precious metal bottles! Fully recyclable and environmentally sustainable.

Tesori d'oriente

No parabens, mineral oils or synthetic dyes. Enjoy the different rituals.
Felce Azzurra
An original 100 year old Italian recipe. A fragrance that is still unbeatable.

Felce Azzurra

Care products, washing products, home perfumes and cleaning products. Perfume your whole life!
Talc from the Italian mine of the Valley Chisone (Turin) since 1878


Today borotalco has a range of heavenly deodorants, bath and shower creams and body cream!

Bath and Shower Cream from Felce Azzurra

In, for example, these heavenly scents!


Washing perfume and floor cleaner in one! Discover the innovative fragrances for your laundry and home that are revolutionizing cleaning.

Coccolatevi (loosely translated: Pamper yourself) with the exclusive scents, gives your garments an intoxicating perfume! Plus, instead of your floor cleaners, they leave all the rooms of your home fresh and fragrant for a long time for a lasting sense of cleanliness and hygiene.

Discover the entire range of washing perfume/floor cleaner and the fragrance sprays from Coccolatevi!

The secrets of Italy

Discover THE products of Italy
Generation upon generation

Generation upon generation

Hand washing with a block of Marsiglia soap is still a technique passed down from generation to generation. Never done it before? No problem! We also have liquid detergent and washing powder with Marsiglia for the same effect. Exclusively Italian quality.
Embrace nature


Get the natural, organic and certified products, which respect both the body and the environment. For this reason, the certifications of OMIA products are the guarantee you need that no ingredients are used that exhaust the world.
Cera di Cupra
bee honey

Cera di Cupra

Dott arrived in 1957. Nico Ciccarelli found out that the wax produced by the bees had extremely protective and nourishing properties. From this, Cera di Cupra was born, where it is used as a perfect ingredient for an effective anti-aging care of the skin.


Summer is officially over. Have you been working hard on a summer tan? Make it last longer with Bilboa's special shower gel. Or are you perhaps going on holiday in the coming weeks? Looking for the sun or snow, make sure you have the best protection. And which brand protects better than Bilboa? Sun like a real Italian thanks to


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Products we sell are not tested on animals

Environmentally aware

We reuse packaging materials and boxes as much as possible

Pupa Milano Scrub

Cleansing sugar scrub with refreshing active ingredients. The sugar particles simultaneously exfoliate and moisturize the skin while cleansing, leaving it looking smooth and healthy.

Even for the smallest!

The 3 R's: Tranquility, regularity and cleanliness. We are happy to help the last R! Detergent, fabric softener, floor cleaners, washing products and buttocks cream / wipes ... we have it! specially from Italy.


Ritual of Harmony

Born 5000 years ago in India and one of the most complete health treatments, an essential ingredient for achieving beauty and well-being naturally. Thus, a new well-being ritual was born to restore body and mind and to retrieve true inner harmony, inspired by the ingredients and scents of this beautiful millennial history.

For him and her

Proraso, Malizia and Pino Silvestre


Seduce each other with the sensual scents of Malizia. From Musk to Argan. All scents are covered. Be sure to check out the complete collection with vetyver (Deodorant, shower and perfume!). Our best-selling fragrance from this line!
be a barber, just at home


Proraso was founded by the Martelli family. They are best known for their shaving products. The company has grown into an empire and Proraso is one of the most popular brands among barbers worldwide.
Pino Silvestre
Classic and modern

Pino Silvestre

Pino Silvestre, with their famous advertisement where a beautiful white horse made every Italian dream away, has been around since 1955. Iconic on the market and now modernized, so that there is something for everyone! Argan, black musk, talc and many other scents.


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