Tesori d'oriente concentrated fabric softener white musk long lasting fragrance

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Tesori d'Oriente Muschio Bianco Fabric Softener
750 ml (30 washes)

The Muschio Bianco fabric softener from Tesori d'Oriente provides cuddly soft laundry and leaves behind a wonderful scent. The formula is free of synthetic dyes and has been tested for chromium, nickel and cobalt.
The fragrance of Eden
- the fabric softener enchants the senses with an intoxicating scent of amber and white musk and provides an intoxicating experience. The energizing and powdery scent is full of warmth and leaves you feeling sensual. White musk has been prized as a valuable essence by emperors and kings since ancient times as a purported aphrodisiac. The Muschio Bianco fabric softener for men and women envelops the body in a pleasant fragrance of harmony and seduction, reminiscent of the magic of a heavenly promise
- unique, sensual and timeless.

Safety Information: Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest or drink. People with skin allergies should avoid prolonged skin contact. Avoid contact with eyes.

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