tesori d'oriente

Tesori d'Oriente eau de parfum ROYAL OUD


Eau de parfum

An olfactic journey to the charming region of Yemen among the celestial stars, warm and charming atmospheres and seductive scents that perfume the air, in search of one of the most sought after scents since the dawn of time: Oud or Agarwood. Also known as "liquid gold" or "wood of the gods", Oud is a rare and precious essence extracted from the resin of a tree of the Aquilaria family, which has been used in sacred Eastern ceremonies for thousands of years and is a symbol of excellence in the rich olfactic tradition of Arab civilization.

The smell
A gentle blend of oriental floral essences, precious spices and slightly fruity scents in which the unmistakable base note of Oud wood subtly softens the sensual notes of amber. A mysterious essence, richly charming, unforgettable and inimitable, enveloping the entire body in a perfumed caress that will not soon be forgotten.

Head: pepper freesia mandarin incense

Heart: Clove Benzoin Peach Lily of the Valley

Base: honey oriental talcum notes woody notes amber, spicy notes
OLD WOOD and SESAME OIL Derived from Agarwood, Oud wood is a dark resin obtained from the bark of certain trees in Southeast Asia and used in perfumery for the preparation of the most sought-after essences. Sesame is a plant of ancient origin, used in cosmetics for its many antioxidant and calming properties.

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