tesori d'oriente

Tesori d'Oriente eau de parfum KASHMIR SANDALWOOD VETIVER


Eau de parfum
VITALITY RITUAL The olfactic chronicle of a journey to discover a mysterious imaginary island, full of charm and secrets to reveal. A fragrance that evokes the freshness of nature's bursting waterfalls and immense wild forests to provide a restorative sense of well-being.

The smell

The delicate freshness of Vetiver, brightened by notes of ginger and bergamot and enriched with the scent of precious woods, is combined with warm and amber notes of sandalwood to give life to an intense, seductive and precious perfume.
Head: saffron, bergamot

Heart: green tea, roses, benzoin

Base: woody notes, patchouli, vetiver

Ingredients Sandalwood oil is used in cosmetics for its warm and charming scent and has relaxing and moisturizing properties. Vetiver essential oil, obtained from the roots, is often used for its invigorating and refreshing properties.

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