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Tesori d'Oriente shower gel MIRRE


Shower Gel

250ml ESSENCE OF A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS Since the dawn of time, Myrrh has been considered an exclusive gift, a pleasure for the senses reserved for kings and important sacred rituals. Extremely precious, the rarest incense, it is the protagonist in this virtue-restoring ritual.
 The fragrance Myrrh evokes feelings and atmospheres from distant times and places, enveloping the body in an exotic, perfumed, caress. An elegant, oriental, amber harmony, reaches the Kashmir Sandalwood & Vetiver for selecting the best and most precious essences.

Main : Peony bergamot orange

Heart: Myrrh amber opopanax benzoin

Base: sandalwood vanilla musk cedarwood


Ingredients Myrrh is the resin of the myrrh tree native to Arabia and North Africa, where it was revered as a sacred tree. Considered the most precious gift in ancient Eastern ceremonies, myrrh possesses several beneficial properties: invigorating and restorative while also being soothing and purifying.

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