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Tesori d'Oriente bath and shower cream WHITE MUSK


Bath and shower cream

• Content


A ritual to immerse yourself in a world of harmony and seduction, to let yourself go in the amber and harmonious splendor of the sublime White Musk fragrance. The fragrances, made unique by an infusion of the most precious essences, convey a feeling of deep well-being.

• The smell

Strongly musky, amber and harmonious, this fragrance caresses the skin and leaves a long-lasting seductive, enchanting feeling.
Top notes: aldeldate jasmine white flowers
Heart: roses.
base musk notes, wood notes
Musk Top notes aldeldate jasmine white flowers pink heart bottom musk notes, woody notes

• Ingredients

Unique, sensual and timeless, the scent of White Musk evokes the magic of distant lands and heavenly realms. Since ancient times, it has been considered a precious essence by emperors and kings for its purported aphrodisiac properties. Our formula, enveloping and unmistakable, is achieved through an infusion of the most precious essences, which gives an immediate feeling of harmony and deep well-being.

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