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Tesori d'Oriente bath and shower cream THALASSO 500ml


bath and shower

Thalasso therapy has three characteristics:

1: Aromatic cream bath. This contains the extract of the purest water in the Fiji Islands, rich in active minerals and trace elements. It also contains seaweed to give the skin a boost of hydration and freshness.

2: Aromatic shower cream. This combines the purifying properties of the waters of the Fiji Islands with the revitalizing and moisturizing properties of seaweed, giving an immediate feeling of freshness.

3: Aromatic Perfume. This gives a feeling of freshness thanks to the lemon and main bergamot that fade to reveal a heart of salt and seaweed, with a surprising background evoking cedar wood and the strong aroma of musk. Treasures of the Orient, always inspired by Eastern wisdom, devotes a new well-being ritual to water, which in its simplicity is the essential foundation of life. In Hinduism it is sacred to bathe in a river and is even seen as a real ritual. This ritual is designed to redeem sins. Buddhists see, in the bathing of a river, the symbol of purity and tranquility.
Thalasso therapy makes with the properties of seawater, inspired by the panoramas of the Fiji Islands, a source of well-being for all!

This seawater is crystal clear and pure. This water has a high calcium, magnesium and silicon content. This ensures that it flows like a nourishing balm on dry skin and thereby strengthens the barriers through continuous deep hydration. The second ingredient is algae that grows on the seabed and is able to absorb nutrients much more effectively than other plants or algae.

Rich in active ingredients, minerals and antioxidants, they are a precious ally for the skin's balance. That is why Tesori d'Oriente has selected 3 of them.

1: Alga Dulse, this ensures that the impact on the skin is as sweet as a caress, it also has a moisturizing and detoxifying effect.

2: Alga Undaria, reformed, purifies and brings calcium, vitamins B and C, iron and folic acid.

3:Alga Nori, rich in precious trace elements and Omega 3, valuable for their antioxidant effect.

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