SPUMA DI SCIAMPAGNA concentrated fabric softener "oriental" eco format for 60 washes

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For 60 washes!

Be captivated by the elegant and refined scent of the wonderfully oriental-scented, concentrated fabric softener. The fabric softener contains perfume microcapsules that gradually release their scent, for super-fragrant laundry that lasts longer. Less than a cap of fabric softener gives extra softness to the laundry and detangles the fibers . The sensual scent is to wear day after day.
Available in the practical Eco format that helps reduce waste: 70% less plastic than 2 bottles of fabric softener of the same size.

Dermatologically testedConcentrated formulaLong lasting fragranceExtra softnessOdor neutralizing technology100% Italian product

For use in the washing machine: for 4-5 kg ​​of laundry, pour 25 ml into the fabric softener compartment. For even more fragrant laundry, add 10 ml to the recommended dosage. For laundry larger than or equal to 6-7 kg, add 30 ml. For hand wash: dilute 20 ml of product in 10 l of water with the final rinse. You can use a coffee cup as a dispenser . One cup corresponds to 75 ml. Never apply the pure product directly to the garments. Avoid using the product on garments labeled as non-flammable as this may reduce non-flammability.

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