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Exfoliating with an intense exfoliating, softening, revitalizing and energizing action, it restores energy to the skin for a healthier and brighter appearance and for a more toned and harmonious silhouette.‎

‎Aromatherapy, energizing, antioxidant and anti-fatigue oils stimulate skin and fragrance.‎

‎A wonderful feeling of immediate well-being for body and mind.‎

‎‎Australia Natural Salts and Orange Salt have exfoliating, soothing and revitalizing properties.‎

‎Coral Algae is effective for giving tone and firmness to the skin. Moisturizing and aromatherapy oils of orange, lemon, mandarin, petit grain and cardamom, with an energizing, revitalizing anti-fatigue action, stimulate the skin and leave a pleasant fragrance.‎

‎Mix the natural salts and oils carefully with the special spatula. Massage into damp skin using a circular massaging motion on the roughest areas. Rinse thoroughly.‎

‎Used on dry skin exerts a more intense exfoliating action.‎

‎It is recommended to use twice a week, both in the bath and in the shower.‎

‎Use all year round, but especially recommended for the summer to get a more homogeneous color or after the holidays to renew skin thickened by the sun.‎

‎Do not use on injured, irritated or particularly sensitive skin.‎

‎Scrub, when used normally, makes the skin more receptive to other treatments.‎

‎Low risk of allergies‎

‎Dermatologically Tested‎

‎Paraben Free‎

‎Made in Italy‎

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