Felce Azzurra wax perfume pure freshness 220ml

The green and aromatic notes give an intense and sparkling freshness, while the floral transparency of the rose petals and the notes of the 
violet petals give creaminess to this unique fragrance creation that leaves an incredible
freshness on your clothes. Main, the first notes observed: green and aromatic notes Heart, the character of the essence: Rose, Violin leaves, Green Apple Bottom, the trail of the perfume: cedar wood, amber

The Felce Azzurra laundry fragrance is a solution designed
to envelop your garments with a unique and surprising scent that lasts for a long time.

Instructions for use Add 2 ml of laundry drops per kg of dry laundry to the 
fabric softener compartment. Increase the dosage to get an extra perfume effect.
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