Felce Azzurra wax perfume classico 220ml

SmellA fragrance that opens with sparkling green and fruity notes.
The heart blooms with fresh and delicate notes of jasmine and rose,
giving way to an enveloping base of cedar and amber.Head, the first notes perceived: green and fruity notesHeart, the character of the essence: Rose, JasmineFondo, the trail of the perfume: Legno di Credo, AmberFormulaThe Felce Azzurra Classico laundry fragrance is a solution designed
to envelop your garments with a unique and surprising scent that lasts for a long time.

Instructions for use Add 2 ml of laundry drops per kg of dry laundry to the
fabric softener compartment. Increase the dosage to get an extra perfume effect.
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