CHANTE CLAIR super concentrated wash perfume lotus and sea salt 220ml



Chanteclair washing perfume sea salt and lotus flowers
The sublime washing perfume of the Chanteclair "I Concentrati" line guarantees a sensation of perfumed laundry to be worn.Thanks to its exclusive formula and refined Long-lasting fragrance keeps your garments soft and fresh day in and day out.
Chanteclair Laundry Perfume guarantees a soft and fragrant wash. Try it in addition to Chanteclair detergent to give the garments a pleasantly fresh feeling.


Preparation and useInstructions for use:
In the washing machine for 4/5 kg of laundry:
Pour a cap (10 ml) directly into the softener compartment for the washing program.
By hand in 10 l of water: Pour a cap on top before soaking the laundry.
Increase the dose according to the intensity of the desired fragrance.
Use it also:
- on blended and synthetic fabrics
- in the dryer (put the cap on a cotton cloth and place in the dryer).
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