Borotalco Bath and Shower Moisturizing with Vanilla and Oats




Borotalco experience
The unmistakable Borotalco effect on the skin, for a soft, smooth and velvety skin.

Borotalco's iconic olfactory signature descended into various evocative notes for a complete palette of emotional fragrances.

Delicious scent of Vanilla & Oats
Smell of vanilla and oats. Essence based on vanilla, a sun-dried fruit that manages to express all its warm nuances. The combination with oats and the powdery base make it a sweet and delicate yet refined note.

The note was created by expert perfumers to impart sensations of comfort and envelopment like a warm hug that embraces body and mind.

The ritual for a moisturizing bath
Take a moment for yourself and let yourself be enveloped by the sweet sensation of a wonderfully moisturizing bath.

1. Pour the Moisturizing Borotalco cream, run the water that is not too hot to form soft foam clouds.
2. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and a few drops of flaxseed.
3. Close your eyes, immerse yourself and let yourself be carried away by the emotions that the perfume of Borotalco can give off
4. Give your skin a moment of well-being thanks to its creamy formula
5. Finish the ritual with Borotalco powder which, thanks to its absorbent properties, removes water vapor from the skin and keeps it dry and warm.

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