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concentrated wash perfume


Wash perfume from Italy of many different brands.

Beautifully scented laundry without the softener. wonderfully concentrated so that you can enjoy the fresh scent of the laundry for a long time.

wash perfumes from tesori d'oriente in the scents white musk, hammam, ayurveda and byzantium

washing perfumes from coccolatevi in ​​the scents spring fresh, original, white musk, argan, lavender and japanese wisteria

washing perfumes from chante clair in the scents lotus/sea salt and orange/daffodils

wash perfumes from paglieri (same house as felce azzurra) in the scents blue ocean and flower power

wash perfumes from preziosi in the scent jasmine and daffodils/sandalwood.

something for everyone just like for every fair. All brands only exclusively from Italy