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Tesori d'oriente eau de parfum MATCHA GREEN TEA


Eau de parfum
The history of tea has been lost over millennia, but it was in the 12th century, under the influence of Buddhist monks, that the preparation and presentation of Matcha, an exquisite green powdered tea, became a true ritual to restore inner harmony. .
From this ancient ceremony, the Matcha Green Tea ritual is born, with restorative effects, to enjoy a moment of deep relaxation and relax the senses.
The smell

Matcha Green Tea fragrance is fresh, green and aromatic with a pleasant base of amber and musk that gives the whole body an exciting feeling of fresh vitality.

Matcha, obtained by drying the best Camellia Sinensis leaves, has been known since ancient times as a beauty elixir for its extraordinary antioxidant, anti-aging, detoxifying and restorative properties.

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