preziosi wax perfume lotus

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This concentrated laundry perfume from Preziosi leaves your laundry smelling wonderfully like lotus flowers.

Discover the great wax perfumes of Preziosi with an intense and long-lasting scent!

This wax perfume is highly concentrated, for an intensive and long-lasting fragrance experience. It gives all your laundry an intense and long-lasting fragrance!

How to use the wash perfume?

Can be used for both washing in the washing machine and for your hand wash. The wax perfume is suitable for all types of fabric. It can be used in combination with all types of detergents.

Concentrated product, shake before use. A few ml of laundry perfume is enough to perfume your clothes, bath towels or bed linen in such a way that the scent gives a unique feeling of freshness for days.

Machine wash: Pour 5 to 10 ml of washing perfume in the compartment intended for the fabric softener, depending on the desired fragrance intensity.
Hand wash: Add 5 ml of washing perfume to 5 liters of water. If necessary, use gloves to protect the hands.

Caution: May cause an allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children.

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