dryer balls 100% sheep wool


With the Asciuga Rapido dryer balls, your laundry dries 40% faster than normal. With the environmentally friendly dryer balls you save energy, money and time!
The dryer balls consist of 100% sheep wool and are of high quality. They not only ensure that your laundry dries faster but is also softer and that your laundry does not become static.

How to use:
Location the dryer balls in your dryer with the laundry. When your laundry is dry, take out the laundry and leave the balls in the dryer, ready for next time! The dryer balls are certainly suitable in combination with our laundry perfume. You then put a number of drops of the wax perfume on the ball. This will make your laundry smell nice. Of course you can also use other drops of oil. This also saves you on the use of chemical scented wipes that are not healthy for your body and the environment.

In a box there are 3 dryer balls

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