Chante clair super concentrated ecological washing capsules with the scent of eucalyptus



20 capsules

Chante Clair's ecological* washing capsules for the washing machine guarantee impeccable cleaning even at low temperatures, while respecting all fabrics.

Each dose* contains the right amount of eco-detergent to care for your clothes in a practical and fast way, without wasting product and water. For impeccable cleaning, just put a single dose in the drum of your washing machine! A practical and quick gesture that you can no longer do without! Perfect on all types of fabrics. Ideal on cotton, blended and synthetic fibers and jeans. The fresh scent of eucalyptus accompanies you at any time of the day!

* The surfactants present in the product are easily, quickly and completely biodegradable. (according to EC Regulation 648/2004 and subsequent amendments) Tray with plastic - 50% recycled Hypoallergenic - Tested on metal Effective at low temperatures Ecodetergent 20 washes 100% fully biodegradable active ingredients of plant origin

* degree of concentration: SUPER CONCENTRATED

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