Cera di Cupra Anti Age energetic day cream Face cream

CERA di CUPRA Anti Age Energizzante Face Cream 50ml Day Cream

The face cream for your day care with UV filter, rice protein, dojy protein and vitamin A. Hydrates the skin, increases elasticity and firmness.
Anti-aging effect, thanks to the valuable and carefully selected ingredients.

Rice Proteins:
the collagen structure (an important protein in connective tissue) remains unaffected as much as possible; skin aging is slowed down.

Soy proteins:
inhibits the breakdown of elastase (the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of elastin) and restores the elasticity of the skin.

Vitamin A:
prevents skin dehydration and regulates metabolism by supporting the fight against aging.

UV filter:
have a protective anti-aging effect.

soft and smooth texture of the cream.
Ideal as a make-up base.

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