Bilboa sun spray 20SPF with coconut




Medium protective sun spray.

With micro pearls of jojoba oil for a radiant and even skin. With latest generation UVA/UVB photostable filters for advanced anti-aging protection.

Multi-position application: quickly spreads all over the body. Irresistible coconut scent. Ideal for all skin types.

Action: It makes the skin instantly radiant and uniform thanks to the brightening micro-pearls of jojoba oil and envelops you with its irresistible and overwhelming coconut scent. Water resistant. Dermatologically tested. Directions for use: Do not spray directly on the face. Reapply regularly to maintain sun protection, especially after bathing and using a towel. Do not expose babies and children to direct sunlight. Avoid sun exposure during the hottest hours. Avoid the eye area: rinse immediately in case of contact. Use a sun protection factor that is suitable for the skin and the intensity of the sun. Avoid contact with substances that can cause stains.

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