BILBOA quick tanning spray with carrot extract without spf


Bilboa quick tanning spray with Carrot



  • ‎Solar mist water, does not contain any protective factors.‎

  • ‎With‎ ‎Melanin Activator ‎ whichstimulates the skin's natural pigmentation and prolongs the tan, and‎ ‎Menthol Crystals,‎ ‎whichrefreshes and provides immediate relief.
  • ‎Ideal for‎ ‎dark or ‎ ‎already‎ tanned skin.


‎It gives the skin an intense tan and an immediate freshness.
‎ ‎ ‎Dermatologically tested.

‎Apply generously before sun exposure. Reapply frequently, especially after bathing and towel use.‎

‎Do not expose babies and children to direct sunlight. Avoid sun exposure during the hottest hours. Avoid the contours of the eyes: rinse immediately in case of contact.‎

‎Use a protective factor that suits the skin and the intensity of the sun. Avoid contact with fabrics due to possible stains.

‎Even for darker and more durable skin, it is recommended to use products with a high protection factor in the first days.‎

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