Arbre magique belair refill pack


Note: this is only the refill.


7ml (75 days freshness)

BelAir air fresheners are the perfect product to give your interior a unique style and a pleasant feeling. The elegance of BelAir's Italian design consists of soft and enveloping lines, reminiscent of the handles and adjustment tools on the dashboard

ARBRE MAGIQUE - From an object of everyday use, it has turned into a real symbol - the car air freshener bad and is the world's best-selling air freshener. The only thing that offers you such a wide choice of fragrances and always guarantees a unique natural freshness.

Directions for use: unscrew the cap. Insert the bottle into the housing until you warn a "click" and check that the closure of the bottle fits correctly into the hole at the back of the diffuser. Place the diffuser on the vents and turn the object counterclockwise to adjust the radiation intensity. Always keep the diffuser and bottle upright. Refill pack only for Belair diffuser type 'Easy & Safe .

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